Father: Why did you get such a low score in that exam? Son: Absence! Father: You were absent on the day of the exam? Son: No but the boy who sits next to me was! ...
12 May 2017
Sardar and Police man
Police: Tumhe kal subah 5 baje phansi di jayegi.  Sardar: Ha Ha Ha Ha!  Police: Kyon hasn rahe ho?  Sardar: Main to uthta hi subha 9 baje hun.  ...
12 May 2017
Santa Visits A Bar
Santa goes into a bar in New York. The man on his right orders a drink, ‘Johnnie Walker, single.’ The man on his left says, ‘Jack Daniels, single.’ Santa says. & ...
12 May 2017
H to O
Teacher: who will tell the chemical formula of water? One student: Its "h.i.j.k.l.m.n.o." Teacher: What is this? Student: Mam, yesterday you told us that it is H to O !!  ...
12 May 2017
Dirty Joke
Student1 :Do you want to hear a dirty joke? Student 2: OK Student 1: A white horse fell in the mud.  ...
12 May 2017
Products of WestIndies
Teacher: What are some products of the West Indies? Student: I don't know. Teacher: Of course, you do. Where do you get sugar from? Student: We borrow it from our neighbor.. ...
12 May 2017
Teacher: Did your father help you with your homework? Student: No, he did it all by himself.    :)    ...
12 May 2017
Grandfather passed away
Grandfather to Grandson:"Go hide! Your teacher is coming as you bunked school today! " Grandson:"YOU go hide... I told her YOU PASSED AWAY!! ??????"    ...
12 May 2017
Santa at an IT company
Santa at an interview in an IT Company. Manager: Do you know MS Office? Santa: If you give me the address, I will go there sir.     ...
12 May 2017
Teacher &Student
Teacher: “Why are you late, John?” John:“Because of a sign board down the road, mam. ” Teacher: “What does a sign board have to do with you being late to my c ...
12 May 2017
14 August
Pathan: Mere Mohalley Wale Bohat Kanjoos Hein.    Dost: Kiun?    Pathan: Sab Ne 14 Aug Manai Par Kisi Ne Qurbani Ka Gosht Nahi Bheja ...
12 May 2017


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