Girl and Biryani
Boy: Can you cook Biryani? Girl: Yes Yes Boy: So its done Girl: OMG you say Agreed Boy: yes ! you will cook biryani on my wedding. ...
25 May 2017
Insurance Pay Funny
A contented  insurance Boss tells his employees. This year you all worked very hard. As a bonus, “I’ll give all of you a cheque of $5000. If you work with the same dili ...
25 May 2017
Boy Weeping
  Father: Why are you weeping? Boy: Teacher beats me ! Father: You definitely done something wrong Boy: No father I was sleeping in the class how could I do anything wrong ?&nb ...
25 May 2017
Multi Relationships
Sardar: why are you setting up two beds Son: Because two guests coming in home Sardar: who’re? Son: One is mom’s brother and 2nd my uncle Sardar: set up three beds becau ...
25 May 2017
Bank offer loan without any interest
Bank Manager: Our Bank offering loan without any interest Sardar Replied: If Your bank taking no interest then why are you doing this ? I don’t wanna oky take yourself  haha ...
25 May 2017
Swimming Pool charity and Sheikh
Sheikh: Son, Who is at the door? Son: They are asking about charity for swimming pool, to make swimming pool and to use this swimming pool for poor Sheikh: What ...
25 May 2017
Beggar and Sheikh
A  beggar went to Sheikh and started telling him his sad story. His story was so touching that sheikh’s tears come out and Sheikh cried a lot. Beggar thi ...
25 May 2017
Teacher & pathan student
New Teacher: "Anbody Who Thinks He Is Stupid, Stand Up" Pathan Stoodup. Teacher: Are You Stupid? Pathan: Nahi! Aap Akeli Khari Thin. Mujhe Acha Nahi Lag raha Tha. ...
18 May 2017
Pathan Called FM radio
A Pathan Called FM radio & Said: "I have found a Wallet with thousands of currency & a credit card & ID Card of that person it belongs to Mr.Jamshed Khan, House #3, Gulshan e ...
18 May 2017
ATM At Tariq Road Is Jammed & Not In Working Condition: Bcoz Khan Sahab's Wife Put Hairpin In Machine. When It Said: "Enter Your PIN" ...
18 May 2017
Why do birds fly?
Why do birds fly to warmer climates for the winter?  It’s much easier for them than walking! ...
15 May 2017


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