International Joke Day July 1st

International Joke Day is a day meant to spread joy and cheer through jokes and fun activities. It is celebrated to spread laughter in the world. The need for such a day arises because the world is a lot worried now than it was ever before. Stress, hypertension and lack of physical activities have made us dull. We are always working and never give ourselves ‘Time to Play’. Laughter has been scientifically proven to be beneficial for human health. A need for such a day became important so that we could spend time in celebrating the ‘humor in our lives’. The day also provides a reason to increase socialization in this isolated world. On this day people share funny jokes, funny emails, SMS’s cards, videos, indulge in light-hearted pranks and any activity which spreads smiles and laughter.

Although the creator or the origin of the day isn't very clear and known, it is still celebrated around the world as it a happy holiday. It is said that laughter is a remedy for all ailments then why wait for any other day than the “International Joke Day”. It is believed that the first joke originated in ancient Greece by Palamedes. He shot to fame for outmatching Odysseus before the Trojan War. A laughter club was first formed in 350 BC. That indicates that humans have always enjoyed cracking jokes and having a good laugh. It is the primary nature of humans to swap jokes and witticisms and this is what keeps us apart from animals.


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