World Senior Citizen Day 8th August 2017

August 8, 2017 is celebrated as “World Senior Citizen Day”. Most of us pray for a long and healthy life that is free of disabilities and diseases. However, as the years go by, our bodies grow weak and gradually lose the stamina to adequately function or travel.

We often see that the health of senior citizens is being impacted by such issues due to multiple medications and various types of illnesses. However, it is not necessary to spend the retirement days in bed or hospital. The World Health Organization (WHO), which is the UN’s main coordinating agency for health related issues, deserves applaud for being actively taken in raising public awareness and attention on the International Day of Older Persons.

Senior citizens are the jewels and pearls of our societies and it is essential for them to take care of themselves. They form a precious reservoir, as are potentially gifted with immense knowledge, experiences and deep insights on life. It is observed that as life expectancy increases disproportionately due to medical and public assistance facilities, senior citizens are covered as a burden on the economy rather than an asset that they could be.

We must hold them worthy of esteem and extra consideration because in the course of their lives, they’ve earned our gratitude due to the ways in which their private activities have contributed to the benefit of the society.

The population of the elderly has been increasing over the years. Getting older is not a crime nor is it an excuse to ward away the fruits of life, only it is an innate process, which inevitably occurs in our lifetime. For living a healthy lifestyle, it is essential to learn concern of one's diet, physical and mental fitness regardless of the historic period. We know that the tag of senior citizens is generally given to a person who is above the age of 60 and has superannuated from active service. With the advancement in medical sciences and health supporting systems, longevity now generally works up to 75.

We all owe senior citizens our respect and gratitude and they throw a great deal of experience to teach us for our welfare. Rather than demoting senior citizens 

To the sidelines of life, let us celebrate their day and work to enable them to more fully become integrated into the company.


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