World Photography Day 19th August,2017

August 19 is World Photo Day. The unofficial holiday, which is also sometimes known as Photo Day or World Photography Day, is an annual celebration of the art and science of photography.

A Modern Innovation

While photography is a fairly modern innovation, the human desire to capture moments and memories and share them with others is as old as the history of humankind itself. One of the oldest attempts to record events was through the discovery of the camera obscura. It is a device with a hole through which light passes and creates an inverted image of the scene outside. Known to have been used as a way to recreate events - artists would sketch or trace the image in order to record it.

Photography, as we know it today, did not come about the early 1900s, when people found a way to permanently capture a scene on a surface using chemicals that reacted to light. The earliest surviving photograph dates back to 1826 or 1827.

A Hobby of Many

Cameras and photography went through a great deal of technical innovations in the 20th C. Today, the availability of affordable and high-quality digital cameras has made photography a widespread hobby.


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