Hajj Mubarak

The Importance of Zil Hajj

Zil-Hajj is the last month of the Islamic calendar. As from its name, it indicates that this is the month in which the annual pilgrimage is performed in Makkah. The willingness of Hazrat Ibrahim A.S to sacrifice his son Hazrat Ismail A.S for Allah Almighty is also remembered in this Holy month. As a remembrance of his sacrifice, Muslims all over the world sacrifice a goat, cow, or camel in order to please Allah and fulfill their obligation.

The first 10 days of the month of Zil-Hajj are extremely important for Muslims all over the world. These days are full of blessings and virtues. The importance of these 10 nights has been explained in Surah Al Fakir. Allah says “ By the dawn, by the ten nights”(89:1-2)

This shows how important these 10 nights are in the eyes of Allah. He has specifically chosen these days for performing Hajj and the sacrifice of an animal.

Hazrat Ibn-e-Abbas reported that the Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H said:There are no days in which your righteous deeds will be more beloved to Allah than these 10 days. Some of the people asked about Jahad for the sake Allah? The Prophet replied no, not even Jahad, except in a case a man goes out to fight and gives away himself as well as his wealth for the cause and comes back with nothing.” (Bukhari 15: 86 & Tirmidhi)

Abu Hurayrah R.A reported that the Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H said: “There are no days on which the worship of Allah is desired more than in the first 10 days of Zil-Hajj. If someone fasts in these days, then it will be equal to fasting for the whole year. The worship of these nights is also equal to the worships of LailatualQadar.” (Tirmidhi V1 pp 58).

From this, it is clear how important this month is for Muslims. Hajj is also performed on the 10th Zil-Hajj. It is a religious obligation that every Sahib-e- istataat has to perform at least once in his lifetime whether it’s a male or female. This religious obligation is the solidarity of all Muslims.

The day of Arafah, which is on one of the 10 days, also has a special importance. Fasting on this day will remove all your sins for the coming years. Yawm Al-Nahar, the day of sacrificing, is also one of the most significant days of the whole year. Then comes the day of Hajj, which is a blend of all worships that are not performed on any other days of the year.

The Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H also recommended reciting a lot of Tasheeh, Tahmeed, and Takbeer during these days. Abdullah Ibn-e-Umar reported that the Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H said: “There are no days greater in the eyes of Allah in which righteous deeds are considered beloved than these 10 days. So during these days, recite Tahleel, Takbeer, and Tahmeed as much as you can.”



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