7 makeup tricks to make you look younger

Many people have recently come to realise how powerful makeup can really be.With Instagram feeds flooded with makeup videos and YouTube influencers making a living by excelling in the makeup industry, one wonders what makes it so powerful? 
Well, it’s an art that can accentuate your natural features, change your look completely or even make you look younger. Compiled from Readers Digest, here is  a list of seven make-up tricks you can try to make you look younger.
1. Moisturise before foundation
Moisturising your skin before applying foundation is probably the most important tip. Your skin needs such nourishment so that it doesn’t suck up all the moisture from the foundation leading to magnified fine lines and dry patches.
2. Use gold hued foundations
If you’re over 50, it’s probably wiser to go for gold tones when picking out a foundation. This will counteract paleness, neutralise redness and give you younger looking skin.
3. Use concealer, not foundation
Try and cover up your problem areas with concealer rather than foundation. If you try to conceal them with foundation, it will only emphasise wrinkles which won’t look natural. With foundation, less is always more.
4.Ditch your powder
It’s always better to opt out of using loose powder if you’re over 50, unless you have oily skin. Powders settle into your wrinkles and fine lines which make you look older.
5. Don’t be afraid of colour
People tend to gravitate towards warmer, more neutral tones when it comes to eyeshadows. However, such hues can usually dull you down. It’s always better to go for brighter colours which can help in changing your whole face – making it look youthful.
6. Choose an eyeshadow opposite to your eye color
This particular trick can do wonders by bringing out the true colour of your eyes. If you have blue eyes, wear a shade that has brown, copper or plum tones and vice versa, enhance brown eyes with blues, purples and greens.
7. Make Vaseline your best friend
Dab a little Vaseline or gloss in the middle of your lower lip. This will give the appearance of a fuller lip, making you look healthier. Try using lighter colours which will make your lips look bigger.
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