Makeup Guide For Eid-ul-Fitr 2017

On Eid there are family gatherings, lunches and dinners so women spend most of their time in Kitchen at Eid to cook some delicious food for the family members. But this cannot decrease their passion for the Eid festival. They do all the activities being dresses up nicely with the perfect makeup. But applying the perfect makeup on Eid can be challenging for women specially in this hot summer season as the humidity and temperature can ruin the whole look. But Eid Makeup Tips and Guide 2017 given here can help you to overcome these difficulties and enjoy the best makeup on Eid festival.

Before applying makeup it is very important to prepare your skin. Cleaning of the skin is very important for a beautiful and healthy looking skin. Before applying any makeup product makes sure that your skin is clean and you have removed all the toxins and excess oil from the skin. Eid Ul Fitr is in summer which means that it will be a long day and no one will want their makeup to melt in just few hours. The best makeup tips for Eid festival is to clean the skin, exfoliate and scrub it one day before. This will remove the dirt and impurities from your skin providing you evenly tones skin that will make the application of foundation easier.

Exfoliated and clean skin looks fresh for the whole day. After cleaning the skin next step is to apply the foundation and the base. To last the foundation for longer time, apply primer before apply foundation. Primer will act as an oil free moisturizer that will help the base to last longer and will prevent its cracking during the Makeup Tips For Eid First Day 2017. After the primer let the face rest for few minutes and then apply the foundation.

Eid is a special function which is carried out in day. All the activities on Eid first day are mostly carried out in the first part of the day. So you should go with the day makeup, day makeup is simple and light yet decent and attractive. Shape the eye brows using a light brown brow pencil. Do not use the dark charcoal pencil in the day time. If you want to have a sizzling and dramatic look for Eid then go with the dark shades. If you do not feel comfortable with the dark colors then you can also go with he lighter shades such as day colors including peach, light brown, violets, pinks etc. Shape the eyes using eye pencil and the eye liner and finish the Eye Makeup by applying mascara.

Apply bronzer on the cheeks after doing the eye makeup to enhance your cheekbones. On Eid you can go with peach or the light pink blush. Do not apply too much blush on as it can ruin your look. The lip color on the other hand should match with your Eid dress. However natural pink lips can go for any dress




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