Lawyer Sardar
   Mujrim: Koshish karna mjhy phansi na ho, umar qaid bhalay ho jay. Lawyer Sardar: Theek hai. Aglay din mujrim lawyer sardar sy , Mujrim: kia bana Lawyer sardar: brri mushk ...
25 May 2017
Sardar And Wedding Dresses
Sardar apny dost sy: Wedding k joray kahan banty hain? Dost :  Aasmano pay, Sardar: Oye teri, main to darzi ko dy aya.  ...
25 May 2017
Where is my Cap ?
Husband: Where is my Cap ? Wife: It’s on your Head my sweet Husband:R Thanks for tell me that other wise i go to office without cap  hahahah ...
25 May 2017
Today Updated Maid
Mistress:You were not came last 3 days and not tell me about this Maid: Sister i was updated facebook status that “I’m going to village fir 3 days ” In fact Sahib also com ...
25 May 2017
What Difference Between Lawyer And referee?
Santa :What Difference Between Lawyer And referee? Banta :Wrestling fight may be long but Referee not get more fees But Lawyer need more time and get more fee  hahahahha ...
25 May 2017
Girl and Biryani
Boy: Can you cook Biryani? Girl: Yes Yes Boy: So its done Girl: OMG you say Agreed Boy: yes ! you will cook biryani on my wedding. ...
25 May 2017
Insurance Pay Funny
A contented  insurance Boss tells his employees. This year you all worked very hard. As a bonus, “I’ll give all of you a cheque of $5000. If you work with the same dili ...
25 May 2017
Boy Weeping
  Father: Why are you weeping? Boy: Teacher beats me ! Father: You definitely done something wrong Boy: No father I was sleeping in the class how could I do anything wrong ?&nb ...
25 May 2017
Multi Relationships
Sardar: why are you setting up two beds Son: Because two guests coming in home Sardar: who’re? Son: One is mom’s brother and 2nd my uncle Sardar: set up three beds becau ...
25 May 2017
Bank offer loan without any interest
Bank Manager: Our Bank offering loan without any interest Sardar Replied: If Your bank taking no interest then why are you doing this ? I don’t wanna oky take yourself  haha ...
25 May 2017


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